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Aries is currently holding a large YouTube fan base with a verified artist channel, but all of this started after he put out the song that got many of his YouTube fans into his music, CAROUSEL. Not long after this song was released, he made a breakdown of the instrumental and put this out on his channel as well. On June 24, 2018, he released his most popular song, SAYONARA. On April 18, 2019, he released his debut album, WELCOME HOME, which featured his previous singles and five new songs, one of which he completed and posted the music video for. He went on a US & Europe tour after this, posting the full experience on YouTube. Throughout and near the end of this video, Aries teases new music, even mentioning WELCOME HOME as “just a warmup,” telling his fans that there is more to come. About one year and seven months later, his tracks FOOL’S GOLD and CONVERSATIONS were released in November and December of 2020, respectively, including the new music video, instrumental breakdown, and behind the scenes of FOOL’S GOLD. He stated in an instagram live Q&A that his new music would be different from his past tracks, since WELCOME HOME just “didn’t make him happy anymore.” He continued working on new music, planning to release his second album in the future. About one year after the release of FOOL’S GOLD, on November 12th, 2021, he released his second album, BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU. This new album included three previous songs: DITTO, KIDS ON MOLLY, and ONE PUNCH. In total, he dropped 8 new songs with this album, featuring WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT, ETA, RIDING, EASY, DESPERADO, OUTDATED, and BOUNTY HUNTER. With the release of the album, he uploaded a music video for his new song RIDING to his YouTube channel. The song ETA had previously been teased on his Europe & America tour and snippets of it had gone viral. He has also revealed that he is going on another America & Europe tour, starting on the 15th of January of 2022. For sure, the 23-year-old artist is looking to keep his momentum throughout 2022 and we are all excited to see what he has to offer for the future.

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