Cleveland's Music Headliner

Blonde Redhead

Born from the vibrant New York City of 1993, Blonde Redhead emerged as a sonic enigma. The band, a constellation of Kazu Makino’s ethereal vocals and the Pace brothers’ intricate musicianship, started with a bang of dissonant noise rock, echoing influences like Sonic Youth. Early albums like “La Mia Vita Violenta” thrummed with raw energy, their sound a captivating clash of beauty and tension.

But Blonde Redhead refused to be pinned down. As their journey unfolded, their music blossomed, shedding its early skin to embrace dream pop, shoegaze, and even hints of bossa nova. Albums like “Misery is a Butterfly” and “23” saw them crafting intricate soundscapes, where Kazu’s vocals floated like phantoms amidst shimmering guitars and hypnotic rhythms. This evolution, a testament to their artistic fluidity, earned them international acclaim and a devoted following.

Through ten studio albums, countless tours, and collaborations with the likes of David Bowie and Yoko Ono, Blonde Redhead has established themselves as an enduring force in the musical landscape. Their music, a tapestry woven with both fragility and power, continues to mesmerize and inspire, captivating listeners with its ever-shifting brilliance. So, whether you’re drawn to their early sonic maelstrom or the ethereal beauty of their later work, Blonde Redhead invites you to dive into their world – a world where shadows dance with light, and sound paints vibrant portraits of mystery and wonder.


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