Cleveland's Music Headliner

Eve 6

Best known for their hit singles “Inside Out,” “Leech,” “Here’s to the Night,” and “Promise,” Eve 6 was one of the kings of the golden era (late 90s) alt-rock scene. One couldn’t lock a radio to 107.9 The End without hearing an Eve 6 song back on the good old days.

The trio broke up, had substitutes, and got back together more times than a Taylor Swift song before being signed to Fearless Records in the spring of 2011 for the release of their fourth album, ‘Speak in Code,’ containing the singles “Victoria” and “Curtain.” In 2021, they released a new EP, ‘Grim Value,’ and in 2022 will release a full-length album on Velocity Records.

Come put your tender heart in a blender and watch it spin around into a beautiful oblivion on the open road. Here’s to the night, Eve 6. Tie me to the bedpost. Here’s to the night.

Ticket info

All tickets are for general admission and priced at $23.50 + fees. Tix can be purchased in person at the House of Blues box office or online via the link below: