Cleveland's Music Headliner

Josh Pray

Josh Pray is a rising star in the world of comedy, known for his unique blend of humor and relatable storytelling. With his infectious energy and charismatic stage presence, he effortlessly connects with audiences from all walks of life. Hailing from [location], Josh’s journey into comedy started with his viral videos that struck a chord with viewers worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from his everyday experiences and cultural observations, Josh has a remarkable ability to find humor in the most unexpected places. Whether he’s hilariously recounting life’s awkward moments or playfully teasing societal norms, his comedy leaves audiences roaring with laughter and nodding in agreement.

Josh’s journey into the spotlight hasn’t been without its challenges, but his perseverance and genuine passion for making people laugh have paved the way for his success. Today, he continues to captivate audiences on both live stages and digital platforms, delivering laughter and joy to countless fans.

As his star continues to rise, Josh Pray remains committed to spreading positivity and laughter wherever he goes. With a growing fan base and an ever-expanding repertoire of comedic brilliance, Josh Pray is undoubtedly a comedian to watch out for.


All seats are reserved and priced at $40 or $25 (plus fees). Tickets can be purchased online via the link below: