Cleveland's Music Headliner

Lost Dog Street Band

Lost Dog Sreet Band will take the stage at Musica in Akron just two days before the release of their forthcoming album, ‘Glory.’ The album will, at times, pierce deeply, demanding repeated listens to catch the nuances in Benjamin Tod’s lyricism.

Tod writes lyrics that are both cerebral and personal, exalted by sparse arrangements and bone-chilling harmonies. Mae’s emotive violin and Tod’s raw vocals provide a through-line for the album; they anchor the listener throughout this 10-song journey of addiction, regret, sobriety, hopefulness and, ultimately, resolve. But this isn’t a record about sobriety — this is a record about the omnipresent duality of life itself.

The name of their small, independent record label, Anti-Corp — founded by members of the trio and their partner/producer — basically says it all. After singer/songwriter/guitarist (Tod) and his life partner/violinist/vocalist Ashley Mae left home at 17 (later adding bassist Jeff Loops), they spent years hopping trains, riding the rails and busking to get by. Along the way, they learned hard life lessons that continue to inform their music and their true DIY ethos today. With a number of albums already under their well-worn belt, ‘Glory’ feels like a return to form, but with more honesty, more pain, and most importantly, an increased reverence for love and life.

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