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MAX’s music is fueled by authenticity. From his unfiltered, heart-on-sleeve lyrics to his handcrafted visuals, the breakout pop star invites you to be part of his world, sharing the highs, lows, and every neon-hued emotion in-between. He’s been labeled a “young pop god” by GQ and dubbed a “top pop star to watch” by Billboard, and it’s no wonder: He broke through in 2016 with the ubiquitous, triple-platinum “Lights Down Low.” The track shot to #1 at Hot AC radio and went platinum in a number of countries. Since then, MAX has amassed more than 1.5 billion streams, released a number of other multi-platinum songs, dropped the pop-expanding Colour Visions album, and collaborated with everyone from Suga of BTS to Chromeo to Hayley Kiyoko. With his irresistible Warner Records debut, “Butterflies” with Ali Gatie, MAX affirmed so much of what makes his songs special, from the easy inventiveness of his sound to his staggering lyrical transparency. MAX wrote the emotional ballad about renewing his wedding vows, making it a sequel to “Lights Down Low,” which famously doubled as a marriage proposal. Wide-eyed and sincere, it’s the kind of love song that smitten couples will slow dance to for years to come. “I want to dive deeper on both ends — with raw, honest songs like ‘Butterflies’ and the more experimental fare of Colour Vision,” he says. Now, with Warner Records at his back, MAX will have the best of both worlds, propelling his authentic vision further than ever before.

Ticket info

Reserved seats are priced at $37. General admission floor tickets are $27 each. All prices are subject to additional fees. Tix can be purchased in person at the House of Blues box office or online via the link below: