Cleveland's Music Headliner

October London

Born Jared Samuel Erskine on October 17, 1986, in South Bend Indiana, popular singer-songwriter October London grew up in a very musically inclined family. He didn’t always want to be a singer though. The music inside of him just kind of….seeped out. He had once wanted to become a Storm Chaser, a Semi Truck driver, a creative designer for a major car company given his taste in beautiful cars, and even wanted to pursue acting. Growing up October London attended Winnie the pooh Pre-School, McKinley Elementary School and John Adams High School in South Bend. Although London’s crafty ways in the studio might lead you to believe that he has talent with playing several instruments, that is actually un-true. There was no band practice in school, no summer time piano or guitar lessons, and he couldn’t read music to save his life. October learned music by hitting the play and record button simultaneously on his boom box in his bedroom. October didn’t need to know how to read music if his brain could save sound structure and tone to his mental hard drive.


Reserved mezzanine seats are priced at $53. General admission tickets are $43. All prices are subject to additional fees. Tickets can be purchased in person at The Agora box office or online via the link below: