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Polyphia is an instrumental progressive rock band from Dallas, Texas, formed in 2010. The band consists of four members: Tim Henson and Scott LePage on guitars, Clay Gober on bass, and Clay Aeschliman on drums.

Polyphia is known for their technical prowess, complex rhythms, and melodic sensibilities. They draw influences from a wide range of genres including progressive rock, jazz fusion, and hip-hop. Their music is characterized by intricate guitar riffs and solos, unconventional time signatures, and lush harmonies.

The band gained widespread recognition with their 2014 EP, “Inspire,” and their subsequent full-length album, “Muse,” which was released in 2016. They have since released several more albums, including “New Levels New Devils” (2018) and “The Most Hated” (2020). Polyphia has toured extensively in the United States and internationally, and has gained a dedicated following of fans who appreciate their unique approach to instrumental rock music.

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