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Real Friends

For as much as the world has changed since Real Friends first emerged in 2010, the band’s mission hasn’t. They continue to bleed without apology and write songs that make it okay to feel everything: the ups, the downs, and anything else in between. Rather than shy away from emotion, the group run right towards it with distortion cranked and hearts opened, tightening their careful distillation of pop and punk on each subsequent release.

When the band—Dave Knox [lead guitar], Kyle Fasel [bass], Eric Haines [rhythm guitar], and Brian Blake [drums]—welcomed vocalist Cody Muraro in 2020, the goal stayed the same as they crafted new music for Pure Noise Records.

Over the years, Real Friends have forged and strengthened a deep connection with fans. The group’s 2014 full-length debut, Maybe This Place Is the Same and We’re Just Changing, marked a turning point. Rock Sound named it one of the “Top 50 Albums of the Year.” 2016’s The Home Inside My Head maintained this momentum with further acclaim and sold out shows. In 2018, Composure incited applause from Music Connection, Alternative Press, Substream Magazine, New Noise, and Billboard who described it as “raw.” To date, they’ve also amassed over 100 million streams and counting.

Taylor Acorn grew up with the early 90’s & 2000’s pop punk/ pop rock scene and has always had a deep love for the music. For her, it was never a phase. Hailing from the small North Central Pennsylvania town of Wellsboro, Taylor had always dreamed of a career in music and in 2014, dropped out of Kutztown University to pursue just that, setting her sights for Nashville in 2017. Though she did dip her toes in the country music scene for a hot minute, she never really felt at home creating country music and in the midst of the 2020 pandemic went back to her pop-punk roots and posted a cover of “Jamie All Over” on TikTok, which sparked the attention of many elder emo fans as well as Mayday Parade themselves.

Since then, she has gained the attention of many emo/pop punk bands with her newly rendered versions of their songs. Covers aren’t the only thing that’s been grasping the attention of fans though. With her infectiously relatable releases of “Do That Again”, “In My Head” and “Shapeshifting”, Taylor is now leaving her own footprint in the pop-punk community giving her fans a place to feel safe and to feel heard, by tackling tough subjects such as mental health by sharing her own personal struggles.

She recently released her latest single “Psycho,” an empowering pop-rock anthem about taking back your power from a partner that’s been gaslighting you and turning into the “bad guy” they believe you to be. More new music will be coming soon!

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