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Tenacious D

Featuring two of the funniest comedy minds in America, the hard-rocking, hilarious duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass — better known as Tenacious D — have delivered thousands of side-splitting laughs through their profanely hysterical songs ever since their inception in 1994. The duo describes themselves (with tongue firmly in cheek) as “The Greatest Band in the World.” Tenacious D tour-goers lucky enough to see them in concert will get every single cent’s worth of their ticket price through all the big laughs in their rollicking and foul fake arena-rock songs. Expect plenty of crowd-participation singalongs in the middle of big, crunchy electric guitar riffs that make up insanely catchy songs.

Tenacious D is currently riding high on the wave of commercial and critical acclaim for their latest album, 2012’s “Rise of the Fenix.” This comedy-rock masterpiece features hilarious songs, like the title track “Rise of the Fenix,” “Low Hanging Fruit,” “To Be the Best” and “They F—– Our A—-.” It was the latest success in a long and varied career for the band, which first gained popularity through their appearances on the David Cross/Bob Odenkirk sketch show, “Mr. Show With Bob and David,” in the early 1990s. Their first album, “Tenacious D,” featured drum work from the great Dave Grohl and two memorable singles in “Tribute” and “Wonderboy.” In between Jack Black’s prolific movie career, the band found the time to make their own movie — “Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny” — and released an accompanying soundtrack to the film in 2006. The self-proclaimed “greatest band in the world” might be inconsistent as far as their album-releasing and touring schedule goes, owing to the A-list movie star status of one of its members, but fans can rest assured that when they come around, they’ll deliver some of the funniest, rocking-est tunes to ever be penned.

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