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Comprised of Brendan Yates (Vocals), Franz Lyons (Bass/Vocals), Brady Ebert (Guitars), Pat McCrory (Guitars), and Daniel Fang (Drums), Baltimore natives TURNSTILE’s brand of youth-minded, youth-driven hardcore punk is intent on breaking down barriers, sonically and ideologically.

Turnstile are currently on the road in support of their 2021 release, ‘Glow On.’

Recorded with famed producer Mike Elizondo and co-produced by TURNSTILE vocalist Brendan Yates, GLOW ON
finds TURNSTILE once again charting new ground for hardcore, expanding stylistic boundaries and celebrating new possibilities.

Selected as Stereogum’s Album Of The Week, Senior Editor Tom Breihan wrote of the band’s 2021 release:

‘Before ‘GLOW ON,’ TURNSTILE were already a truly special band, a ray of exploding energy. With this album, they’ve hit dizzy new heights…They’ve made a classic. I can’t even imagine what they’ll do next.”

Pitchfork awarded the album ‘Best New Music’ attesting “The Baltimore band’s spectacular fourth record is all groove, riffs, and passion.”

The Recording Academy noted “The through line of all this is a lack of fear—of pushback, of resistance, of excommunication—that defines TURNSTILE.”

NPR observed, “TURNSTILE has the ability to lure even the most poptimistic listener with spectacular hooks,” and Vulture hailed GLOW ON as “one of the best rock albums of the year.”

Billboard affirmed “Ready or not, TURNSTILE is breaking through,” with FLOOD hailing the album as “An unforgettable magnum Opus.”

Glow On’ is the follow-up to the band’s 2018 release, ‘Time & Space.’

Ohio natives (Toledo, specifically) Citizen will share the bill!

The trio is on the road is also on the road in support of a 2021 release, ‘Life in Your Glass World.’ The album has spawned three singles, ‘I Want to Kill You,”Blue Sunday” and “Black and Red.”

Much of ‘Life In Your Glass World’ deals with the bleak and challenging aspects of being human, and the album often feels like an exorcism of pent-up negative feelings. But those feelings give way to a sense of hope with the closing track “Edge of The World.” Interweaving guitars rise around Mat Kerekes’ voice as he considers past pain with the kind of clarity that can only come from time and distance—and finds promise in looking towards the future. The song builds to a soaring finale as the clouds part and Kerekes declares, “At the end of the day there was beauty in tragedy.” It’s one last turn, the kind of affirmation that makes you reexamine everything you just heard with a newfound perspective. It’s a fitting conclusion for ‘Life In Your Glass World’ – borne of the confidence gained through years of trials, tribulations, and self-reflection – and one that asserts that Citizen’s true identity is rooted in the raw energy of constant evolution.

AllMusic biographer Jason Lymangrover called the band’s sound a merge of “bombastic emo-pop, post-hardcore, and thick, chunky indie rock”.

Citizen has been described as a number of genres but in a 2013 interview with Cosmos Gaming, guitar player Nick Hamm states that while people are right to assign those genres to their band he views Citizen as being simply a rock band.

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