Kalin and Myles Interview

Kalin and Myles interview

Kalin White and Myles Parrish, who operate simply under the name Kalin and Myles, are quite the busy duo, having released four EPs over the past two years. Having started to work together in 2011, the pop/hip-hop (if such a genre exists) duo are finally gearing up for the release of their first LP, a self-title record due out on November 20 on Republic Records.

Despite this being their debut record, one can hardly call them newbies. Kalin and Myles have garnered several million streams each on multiple tracks released on the EPs, including “Trampoline” (which has 14 million streams on Spotify alone), as well as “Love Robbery” and “Do My Step,” among others.

The group is also no stranger to the road, having spent time on tours as support act for bands that sell out clubs across the country, as well as playing headlining shows. Currently on a 22 date run with Timeflies, Kalin and Myles will play House of Blues Cleveland on Wednesday, November 11.

The guys checked in by phone during in off day sandwiched in between two dates in Missouri to discuss their current tour and upcoming album release.

Asked about their current run with Timeflies, Myles said:

“Man, the tour has been really awesome. I think one of the best things about it for us is that we’re able to play to an older audience. That’s probably the best part about this tour. We are used to playing for more like a high school crowd and Timeflies audience is more college age. That proves to be a little challenging sometimes but it’s been a really great experience for us.”

Myles also says they have been pleasently surprised at how they have been received, especially at a gig at Miami Univeristy in Oxford, Ohio:

“I think one of the things that we were surprised by was the reaction to ‘Trampoline’ with the college crowd. There was one night in Oxford (Ohio) where it might have been the loudest for ‘Trampoline’ during the hook and stuff. We were kind of surprised by that and what we were able to go out there. For the most part, we have been very well received.”

The upcoming self-titled release has been four years in the making. Kalin chimed in about what it means to finally release a full LP:

“Personally, I’m so excited. We’ve put out a handful of EPs, but now it’s time to let the world know what Kalin and Myles is all about, what we’ve been working on for this past year, and the different types of situations that we’ve been going through into these songs. It’s amazing.”

Four years may seem like an excessive time to work on an album. But when you are road warriors trying to make the “perfect” record, sometimes it just takes a little time. Myles explains:

“The touring and everything that’s going on, we get a little caught up at times. When we are touring we kind of put all of our focus there. We are not at the studio or it’s not easily accessible. But, we definitely felt like it’s a good first step out into the album world as far as representing our sound and it had a little bit of everything on there. I was able to produce a little over half the album. That’s how we started with the first EP. We also got to work with other producers that gave us more of an R&B feel and some different sounds, too, so we feel like it’s definitely a good representation of where we’re at in our career right now. “

As for the single “Brokenhearted” that has been released ahead of the album, Myles says:

“‘Brokenhearted’ is actually more of a different one for us, I think, on the album. When we first heard that beat, we were like automatically, ‘oh yeah, this is tight.’  We were very interested in that beat. To be honest, that’s just one of the sounds because we don’t have one specific genre that we lean towards. We are inspired by a lot of different styles of music so that kind of reflects the way we do things naturally. I think vocally, it represents what most of the album sounds like. Kalin has definitely come a long way from when we first started. He has definitely improved his vocals and I’m trying to get in there, too. Lyrically, I’m trying to step my game up as well. But from a vocal standpoint, it can represent the rest of the album. “

As for the near future and looking towards the future of 2016, Myles says:

“We definitely want to get a head start on the music and get something out pretty soon after the album drops. We definitely are going to play shows. We would love to do our own headlining run off the album and new music. We just want to make new music and play shows.”


Complete show and ticket info for Kalin and Myles with Timeflies on November 11. | Official Website Kalin and Myles on Facebook  | Official YouTube Channel@KalinAndMyles on Twitter

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