Tim Reynolds Interview (TR3)

Tim Reynolds Interview (guitarist for TR3 and Dave Matthews Band)

Tim Reynolds Interview

Tim Reynolds may be best known as one half of an acoustic duo with Dave Matthews and his role as electric guitarist on tour with Dave Matthews Band. Did you know that Reynolds also fronts a power trio, TR3? In our interview with Tim on February 6, 2015, he discussed his passion for his project, TR3’s brand new album (‘Like Some Kind of Alien Invasion’), how he finds time in his busy schedule to tour and record with his own project, his passion for music, and even a little bit about his role with Matthews.

Reached by phone in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, where Reynolds resides while not on tour, Tim excitedly discussed his new album:

“We recorded this in little bits at a time. At first, it was an experiment to try and record locally, and then it turned into a great experiment. We did it when we had time to do it. The way TR3 stuff is traditionally recorded is that we record something in a week and bang it out, rock and roll, you know? Because of all the things I have to do… I’m on tour and we couldn’t start when we wanted. Then, it became a thing where we weren’t trying to hurry up and that became awesome because I’ve never done that before. It’s so satisfying. Early on I started changing things. It was great to listen to it for a while and see if what you did to it was worth it in the first round and, if I didn’t like it after a while, I had time to figure that out. I’m really happy with the results. I’m really satisfied with it. I mean, you can always kick yourself after the fact, but I can listen to this and not cringe.”

Fans that have come out to TR3 shows have already been treated to some of the new tunes. Reynolds and Co. road tested many of the songs on ‘Like Some Kind of Alien Invasion’ to get an idea of what the audience thought of the tunes and to find the perfect sound.

“It feels great. It’s fun just to bring out newer material as well as newer songs that aren’t on any records yet. It’s fun to have that out. It took a long time to do it but I’m really happy with it and I’m really happy to go out and play new music.”

Tim cautions fans to not expect a TR3 gig to be similar to a Dave Matthews Band show. And, definitely not like his acoustic shows with Matthews. His power trio is completely electric and spans many styles, but nothing too similar to what you see him rocking on his summer tours.

“It’s more like a rock band power trio format, but it also is a variety of things that we do with that. The variety is different every night because we have a lot of different songs. It’s definitely not like DMB, but it’s good at what it is. There are a lot of DMB fans that like a lot of different kind of music, so I wouldn’t say they wouldn’t like it. A lot of DMB fans do. It’s obviously a lot of people there that are big DMB fans, but that’s a big reason why we tour, to show people that ‘this is cool, come check it out, and if you don’t like it, now you know.’ That’s what’s so fun about touring is that it’s just old school, showing people what it’s about. It’s a lot like what you would hear on CD, just like any band. But some bands sound a lot different, and it’s like ‘Oh my God, did you hear that? He extended that note and it’s like – WHOA!’ – Shit like that kills me and I love it. People who have our records have an idea, but they’ll never know until they come see us.”

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