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It’s Britney, Bitch!

Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour Cleveland
Britney Spears - Femme Fatale Tour

“It’s Britney, Bitch!”

Performing the same routine that millions of fans across the country viewed on Good Morning America, “Hold it Against Me” was the first of many crowd pleasers performed by the 29 year-old Britney Spears, who first made a splash in the music world 13 years ago as a shameless 16-year-old parading around in a school girl outfit in the music video for her breakthrough single, “…Baby One More Time.”

One thing is clear: the thousands upon thousands of Britney fans in attendance at Quicken Loans Arena last night (07.26.11) hold NOTHING against her. Spears may have had an ill advised marriage to former backup dancer Kevin Federline, epically failed at her attempt to pull off the bald look, and exposed her vagina to the paparazzi, but when Britney decided to make her comeback, her fans came back, too.

Spears is in the midst of headlining the all female bill dubbed the Femme Fatale Tour. Direct support to Ms. Spears on the tour is Nicki Minaj, who has been one of the biggest breakout artists thus far in 2011. Also sharing the bill are Jessie and the Toy Boys with opening duties belonging to Nervo, twin sister DJs from Downunder.

It’s well documented that before her recent comeback, Britney went off the deep end. She dominated headlines on TMZ and gave tabloids stories they didn’t even need to fabricate. Spears put on a well-rehearsed, precisely choreographed show, seeming to have fully regained her composure. Dare I say she’s even a tad bit too composed? C’mon, Brit! Show us a little craziness. Dance like you’ve had a few martinis backstage before the show. Stumble around a little bit. Forget a lyric or two to one of your hits. Don’t act a fool, but could you be a little more entertaining?

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Ok, that’s going too far overboard. Spears was definitely over the top entertaining. Just not in the same way that made Harvey Levin salivate. There was some insanity in her show after all. Most notably, she plucked a middle-aged gentleman out of the audience, placed him in a chair in front of a stripper pole, tied his hands behind his back, and gave him a dance that he can never tell his friends about, simply because they will never believe him. Britney wrapped her fishnet-clad thighs around his head, gently grinded on his lap, and teased this lucky, unassuming, and startled man in every way possible, before sending him back to his seat to wonder what the hell had just happened.

Britney’s setlist relied heavily on songs from her 2008 release, ‘Circus.’ As Britney ran through her hits, including ‘Womanizer,” “Slave 4 U,” and “Oops! I Did It Again,” she went through so many costume changes that even Lady Gaga would have thought to be excessive. But that’s what a Britney show is about. Yes, the dance hits. But even more so it’s about the eye-popping outfits, the sexy dancing, and flirtatious interaction with the crowd.

The show ended with a crowd-pleasing rendition of “Til the World Ends,” complete with flying antics which saw Britney fly over the crowd in angel wings. For some fans that came dressed in the school-girl likeness of Spears in her “…Baby One More Time” video, the world could end tomorrow, and they would die happy, already having seized their opportunity to see their hero perform live. She’s back, she’s sane, she’s hot as she’s ever been, and her adoring fans are back in her corner. She is, in fact, “Britney, Bitch!”

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