Cleveland’s Got Talent? You Betcha!

MD Productions has announced the first annual Cleveland’s Got Talent event, scheduled to take place at Crocker Park in Westlake, OH on September 17, 2016.

The event takes the global phenomenon of reality television program searches and narrows it down to a more accessible and localized concept.

Participants pay a $30 entrance fee to showcase their talent in front of a panel of three celebrity judges that includes Lillian Pyles (local motion pictures/film casting director), Slava Polobnev (owner of Dancing Made EZ), and Mary Jo Rimke (owner, Em Jaez Dance Studio).

[Registration form can be found, RIGHT HERE]

Spectators may enjoy the best of Cleveland’s local talent for only $20 per reserved seat.

Unlike the major network television talent competition shows where the road from audition to crowning the winner can take up to six months, Cleveland’s Got Talent winners will be selected the same day as the auditions.

MD Production CEO Melissa Daggett, has a degree in music performance, and has taught piano and been a vocal coach for over 20 years, as well as producing and recording original songs for live events and in studio. Her passion is to promote local artists and continue to give them venues to perform and to find events and outlets for them to do so and build up their local audiences, market following and branding.

The idea for this project sort of just evolved over time, coming from part frustration and part inspiration,” says Daggett. “The frustration of being a former artist before all of these live talent competitions (such as American Idol and The Voice) came out, when finding ways to have your music ‘discovered’ was very tough and limited to the top 2-3% in the industry. I feel like these reality live talent shows have given artists hope again, but it is limited to a very select few who will make it to the final rounds out of literally thousands of contestants. So, I thought, what if we could take this idea and make it available to our hometowns, to give local artists not just more of a chance to win, but also follow it up with opportunities to build their local following, to play at local venues, with some artists perhaps even being discovered on a larger scale?

Cleveland’s Got Talent has 3 categories: Solo musicians (vocals or instrument), Music groups and bands (any style), and dancers (any style). Music groups may include vocalist groups, a capella groups, and full instrument bands with or without vocalists. Dancers may include solo dancers, partner dancers, or group dancers/teams.

It is Melissa’s vision to help spot, develop and promote true talent and give them the tools and promotion to be able to make a living and thrive as an artist, in Cleveland and beyond. With the right tools, preparation and perspiration, artists can still make their passion a full time business and create opportunities for full time work and life changing experiences and opportunities!

Daggett’s goal with Cleveland’s Got Talent is clear:

I want to change the game of ‘Starving Artists’ to ‘Thriving Artists’ and I want to start right here in my own backyard,” says Daggett. “Cleveland doesn’t just have athletic talent, we have artistic talent and it’s time to let them shine and show the world that Cleveland’s Got Talent!

For more information: http://Clevelandgottalent.com

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