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Neon Trees Concert Review

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Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn (Photo: Delaney Canfield / CleveRock)

Neon Trees concert review (with special guests Fictionist and Coin) from House of Blues Cleveland on July 17, 2015.

Loyal and passionate fans are something that artists value very greatly, but they aren’t always easy to find. Usually a band needs a new album or a recent Billboard Top 40 hit to get a good crowd to come to a show unless they’ve been together for ages. Though Neon Trees has had chart topping hits in the past, their most recent album ‘Pop Psychology’ was released over a year ago and besides their most recent single “Songs I Can’t Listen To” the band hasn’t released anything new since. Nevertheless, the band set out on their tour fittingly titled “An Intimate Night with Neon Trees Tour” and stopped in Cleveland for what proved to be an energetic and exciting night.

The group played a set that was a perfect blend of old and new material.. From their first album, ‘Habits’ the crowd belted the lyrics to “Sins of My Youth” as if it were a millennial anthem, sang along loudly to the chorus of “1983” and danced and jumped around to the lead single off the album that truly kick started the band, “Animal.” Despite the songs on this album being over 5 years old and sounding rather different than the band’s latest album, fans still loved every note.




From their second album ‘Picture Show’ (2012) the clear favorite was by far the band’s most popular single “Everybody Talks” which was number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 when the single first dropped. At this point, one could barely hear the voice of lead singer Tyler Glenn as fans screamed the pop rock lyrics along with him.

Finally, from their most recent album ‘Pop Psychology’ the band showed off a newer, fittingly more pop sound with a number of songs from the 2014 album. The album’s lead single “Sleeping With A Friend” was definitely a favorite of the night while “First Things First” had fans passionately singing along to the catchy pop lyrics. Though this album features a different sound than the pop rock sound of their first two albums, fans still received the songs very well, primarily because the songs speak so well to what it’s like the be a teenager during this time period.

If there’s one thing that’s clear after a Neon Trees concert, it’s that this band loves what they do. They really love it. So much so that their drummer Elaine Bradley is still touring with the band despite being 7 months pregnant. If that doesn’t scream “passionate,” I don’t know what does.

Neon Trees brought along two very unique and talented openers to get fans pumped up for the night. Alternative rock band Fictionist started off the night and though their tucked in shirts, jean shorts and the lead singers thick rimmed glasses didn’t exactly give them the “rock band” aesthetic, their musical talents sure as hell did. The guys shredded like no other and even though every fan didn’t know the lyrics to the band’s songs, they still clapped along and jumped around, getting hyped for an awesome night.

The second group COIN are a young, up-and-coming alternative band that fans absolutely loved. The group just dropped their first album in early June and fans soaked up their fun, unique sound that featured upbeat synth and drum patterns and intricate guitar rifts that had fans dancing throughout the entire set. The group definitely left with more fans than they started with, which could definitely be seen in the huge crowd that surrounded their merch table after the show.

The “An Intimate Night with Neon Trees Tour” brought a night of fun, dancing and energy to the House of Blues in Cleveland and definitely left fans hungry for a new Neon Trees album very, very soon.

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