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Paramore Concert Review | Cleveland, OH (06.04.23)

Who says it’s impossible to have fun in Cleveland on a Sunday night?! Fans flooded Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on Sunday, June 4 to see Paramore perform hits from their 18-year (and counting!) career. Whether fans were here for their first Paramore show, or caught them on Warped Tour 2005, they knew from the moment the show stated they were in for a high-energy night of dancing, fun, and great music.

The band took the stage and kicked off the show with “You First” and “The News” both off of the band’s latest album ‘This Is Why’ (2023). The album marked Paramore’s first in nearly six years. As a nearly sold-out arena screamed along, it was evident this would be a night that nobody in attendance would ever forget!

Frontwoman Hayley Williams was energized from the moment she set foot on stage, flipping her hair and kicking her legs high into the air as she strutted around the stage, all while showcasing her powerful vocal pipes. She encouraged fans to dance, scream, and feel everything that comes with hearing her powerful lyrics and did not take her foot off of the gas once during the set.

While the set was top-heavy with songs from the new record (8 out of 22 tunes, to be exact), the show truly highlighted the span of the band’s career, playing songs across their entire discography.

Paramore’s 2017 album, ‘After Laughter’ was full of fun dance tracks that translated better in a live setting than on the record. Fans thrilled to hear “Rose-Colored Boy” and “Caught in the Middle” on the setlist, along with the lead single off the album, “Hard Times.”

Fan favorites of the night definitely included “Decode,” a song released as part of the 2008 ‘Twilight’ soundtrack, as well as the slow ballad “The Only Exception” off their 2009 album ‘Brand New Eyes.’ Williams admitted she never used to want to play the latter live as it didn’t fit the vibe of the band’s shows, but fans fell in love with it, and it was clear as the arenea illuminated with cell phone lights that fans hope it never gets taken off the setlist.

Paramore performing “You First” at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, OH on June 4, 2023. {Video courtesy of YouTube user Mark Campo}

Williams performed “Crystal Clear” from her 2020 solo album, ‘Petals for Armor’ and invited drummer Zac Farro (who was also celebrating his birthday) to take the mic and perform another non-Paramore tune, “Baby,” by his side project, HalfNoise.

One of the highlights of almost every Paramore set is saved for the end! “Misery Business” from their breakout album, ‘Riot‘ (2017), saw the band selecting a fan and bringing her on stage to conclude the song. At this Cleveland show, Farro noticed a fan named Stacy, whose energy was contagious! Not hesitating on her invite, Stacy ran to the stage and fell to the ground before Williams. The frontwoman couldn’t stop smiling as Stacy sang the words, watching as the fan and the audience formed a core memory before her eyes.

The band closes every show by declaring, “We are Paramore!” Fans scream the mantra along with them. While band members have come and gone (and come back again), the fans have been steadfast. Without fail, they have come out and supported the group. Some have waited for years to see Paramore live while others have followed them across the country! And, whether Hayley & Co. put out another album next year or wait another six years to wander back into the studio, the fans will be there all the same.

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