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Tash Sultana | Concert Review| The Agora Theater | Cleveland, OH | 09.10.2023

If you haven’t heard of Tash Sultana, you are truly missing out on what is possibly the experience of a lifetime!

The Australian native graced Cleveland with a performance at The Agora Theater on Sunday Night (09.10.2023). WOW-ing a sold-out crowd with amazing musicality, Sultana plays a large variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard, bass, percussion, trumpet, saxophone, flute, mandolin, oud, harmonica, and panpipes. They also have a vocal range stretching five octaves. As one can only imagine (*Unless you were in attendance on Sunday*) how impeccable and astonishing it is to witness such a multifaceted artist. 

Sultana is the only one on stage. If one had closed eyes, it would never be assumed by the layers upon layers of music that are coming out of the speakers and into the stands. There was a vibrant energy throughout the audience and it was clear that the people there were expecting a fun night. 

The vibey musician’s stage was set up with a nice patterned rug, incense burning, and a backing screen that would show psychedelic visuals over their performance, while leaning into the audience’s relaxation and healing energy.

Sultana moved from instrument to instrument, looping sounds to fill the theater. The audience was mesmerized as they watched in awe of how each loop was joined by the next and how each new sound filled a purpose to the greatness of the song. It was clear in Sultana’s face the dedication to get the loops perfect. Looping takes precision and is not as easy as it looks. And it doesn’t look easy! Before too long, all the sounds were looped and Tash moved around the stage to a worked-up crowd. 

Sultana didn’t say much. They let the music do the talking. And the music said a lot. It’s a style that couldn’t fit into one genre! One thing was known people were feeling it! It was such a good mix of stylization that people could get their fill of anything they were looking for.

Tash finished with a scheduled encore of “Black Bird” after the audience wouldn’t stop cheering. The final song took everyone through a complete speedrun of emotions, feelings, and energy. Visuals flashing and Sultana picking crazily on their guitar. Definitely the right way to close a 90-minute set.

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