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Theater Review: ‘The Book of Mormon’

Hello! Are you here to learn about a book that will change your life?! How about a hilarious, Tony award-winning musical that still has audiences laughing hysterically even 8 years after its original debut? That’s exactly what ‘The Book of Mormon’ has done as it returns to Playhouse Square in Cleveland.

‘The Book of Mormon’ script, lyrics, and music were written by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone. Parker and Stone are famously known as the creators of the TV Show “South Park,” and that fact alone sets the stage for a hilarious, satirical, sometimes offensive, and outright crazy show. The show follows the story of Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, two young Mormon missionaries as they head off on their assignment to preach the Mormon religion in Uganda. Price is the top of his class and ready to change the world and please Heavenly Father, whereas Cunningham is an odd outcast and is just looking to make a best friend and maybe make his parents proud. They quickly learn the villagers have no interest in the words of the white men as they are more concerned with violent warlords and AIDS among many other problems. Price because even more concerned when he learns the other missionaries have yet to complete a single baptism in the village and begins to lose hope immediately.

The Book of Mormon Cleveland cast (source:

While the premise may not initially sound hilarious, the songs and the absurd jokes throughout the show had audiences in stitches from laughter. When the show initially debuted Vogue Magazine called the show “the filthiest, most offensive, and—surprise—sweetest thing you’ll see on Broadway this year, and quite possibly the funniest musical ever.” New York Post reported that audience members were “sore from laughing so hard”. It praised the score, calling it “tuneful and very funny,” and added that “the show has heart. It makes fun of organized religion, but the two Mormons are real people, not caricatures.”

With such a famous show it can be difficult to do justice to the original cast, but this touring company brought the same energy, comedy and talent to the stage that the Broadway cast had. Liam Tobin portrayed Elder Price and not only brought a lot of laughs with his comical facial expressions and brilliant one liners, but also belted out songs like “I Believe” and “You and Me (But Mostly Me)” so powerfully it stunned the audience.

Cleveland native Jordan Matthew Brown played the role of Elder Cunningham and perfectly captured all of the “Josh Gad” style mannerisms and comedy. He maintained the awkward presence will still singing powerfully in “Making Things Up Again” and “Baptize Me.” Jordan Matthew Brown definitely made Cleveland proud!

Other notable performances came from Alyah Chanelle Scott (Nabulungi) whose beautiful voice stole the show, and Andy Huntington Jones who (Elder McKinley) who had everyone laughing with his hilarious mannerisms, and everyone in awe with his amazing tap dancing.

Book of Mormon runs at Playhouse Square until September 15th so be sure to get catch it before its gone! Tickets can be purchased RIGHT HERE.

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