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Backstreet Boys Concert Review | Blossom Music Center (07.06.22)

“Backstreet’s Back, alright!” Yes, indeed, Backstreet Boys were back at Blossom Music Center on Wednesday, July 6 to put on a show that, to use their words, would “make us feel like we were 12 again.” They were right. Audience members were transported on a journey to the past. For some, it was the pre-teen years of blasting the music and dancing in the solitude of a bedroom. For others, it was the thrill of blaring the music while joyriding in a beat-up car soon after acquiring a driver’s license. Men were transported back to the days when they were boys who had to pretend not to like BSB’s music at the risk of being ostracized. And, of course, parents (some who are now grandparents) were reminded of their guilty pleasure of stealing their children’s albums from yesteryear.

From “I Wanna Be With You” to “Larger Than Life,” fans were all dancing and singing along to their favorite songs all night. BSB made us laugh, dance, smile, and feel a true sense of nostalgia. 

In 2023, Backstreet Boys will be celebrating 30 years of being a group. From the baby (Kevin Richardson, who was only 12 years old at the group’s inception) to elder-statesman Nick Carter (who was the only ‘boy’ of legal drinking age at BSB’s formation), the world is a better place with this fivesome performing hits for nearly three decades.

Where to start….Dancing? Videos? Hit singles? Contagious Personalities? The ability to dance throughout the night in sync (not to be confused with rival boy band NSYNC)? These ‘boys’ are the complete package.

Backstreet Boys performing “Larger Than Life” at Blossom Music Center on July 6, 2022. {Video courtesy of YouTube user Christian Delatorre}

Yes, the hits all made the setlist, but fans were also treated to songs off of their 2019 album, ‘DNA,’ proving BSB can be more than a trip down memory lane.

The bread and butter, “I Want It That Way” and “Don’t Want to Lose You Now” were satisfying, but one of the show’s biggest highlights for this reviewer was when they sang newer tunes “Chances” and a personal favorite, “No Place.” The latter is a song about family. Appropriately, each member’s family was represented in the video that played behind them on a giant screen. Beautiful and touching, to say the least!

Backstreet Boys started off their career singing popular songs a cappella before they had any of their own music to perform. I love that they still include a cappella in some of their songs to pay tribute to the early days.

Their interaction with the crowd made the show even more exciting. From the beginning, they tried the Buckeye State classic “O-H” call, to which the crowd responded with a hearty “I-O.” Later, they split the crowd in half and told the left side to chant “Backstreet’s” and the right side to chant “Back.” This had the whole crowd roaring. And, of course, we can not forget the moment when the band instructed fans to light up the night sky by illuminating the flashlights on their phone. 

Don’t sleep on opening act Delta Goodrem. The beauty from Sydney, Australia showcased her outstanding voice while she performed songs that have topped the charts in Australia. Her vocal talent was rivaled by her ability to play the piano. Since her tunes have yet to break into the mainstream Stateside, the cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” was a fan favorite. This up-and-comer is sure to make a huge splash in the US in the very near future. (You heard it here first! You’re welcome!)

What else is there to say? The night was absolutely incredible. A tase of a future star in Goodrem kickstarting the night for Backstreet Boys? Witnessing how captivating of a show these grown men (still ‘boys’ at heart) can put on 29 years later is a true treasure. Mark this down as one of the most memorable nights of Summer 2022.

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