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Elle King concert review

Singer/songwriter/actress/daughter of Rob Schneider/impressive performer, Elle King returned to the state where she grew up, Ohio (Columbus area, to be precise), to perform at Cleveland’s TempleLive on February 27. In her words, performing anywhere in Ohio is, “doing a hometown show.” That’s exactly how it felt! 

Although King was noticeably under the weather on this Monday night, she still put her best foot forward and engaged the crowd, who were all singing, dancing, and laughing throughout the show.

Not only did King show off all her musical talents with her distinct voice and by playing a variety of instruments, but she also couldn’t stop making the audience smile with her banter between songs and her humorous remarks.

While King spread out her setlist to include tunes from across her discography, she heavily showcased her newest album, ‘Come Get Your Wife.’ This album has a stronger country feel to it than her previous efforts, as evidenced out of the gate with“Tulsa”. 

Fans also were treated to “Bonafide” which had everyone singing, “You could bet your ass, I’m crazy Bonafide.”

Of course, one of the audience’s favorite songs of the night was “Ohio. (Biased much?) Before performing said tune, she reminisced about her childhood and her love for the state, saying “You drive three hours in any direction and it turns into another world, although that is why it’s so beautiful.”

King also gave us the pleasure of playing a few of her previous hits, including  “Ex’s and Oh’s” the tune that first put her into the mainstream success realm in 2015. She finished her set with “America’s Sweetheart”. Although she had to finish a bit early because she was losing her voice, she made sure to, as she put it “finish with a bang.” She did just that with “America’s Sweetheart.” Throughout the song when there were notes she couldn’t hit or words she couldn’t finish due to her losing her voice, the audience took over and helped her out.

King’s opening band, Red Clay Strays did not disappoint in getting fans ready for the headliner! Brandon Coleman, who is the lead singer and guitarist, had an incredible voice and showed it off during many songs including “Wondering Why.” One couldn’t help but notice his Elvis vibe through his singing, his dancing, and his piano skills. John Hall’s drumming and performance were incredible and started collecting groupies after that show. He had some people screaming “keep going, Drummer Boy” from the peanut gallery. Zach Rishel, Andrew Bishop, and Drew Nix were the glue to the show with their comradery and were clearly having a fun time with each other on stage.

King brought them back on stage halfway through her show to sing with her. What a treat to see them return!

That night, one couldn’t have been more proud to be able to say we come from the same state as King. The entire night evening, everyone was out of their seats and singing along. Without a doubt, fans will highly anticipate King’s return to her home state for another show. (Hopefully, she’s feeling well next time around!)

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