Arf Arf! Yip Yip! Bow wow yo yippie yay! An all-new production from Nickelodeon and VStar Entertainment Group, PAW Patrol Live! Heroes Unite is coming to Playhouse Square from March 10 – 12 for six shows over the course of three days. {Complete show and ticket information can be found on our events calendar: RIGHT HERE!}

The show is a wonderful opportunity for young children (both fans of the television program and the uninitiated alike) to see the characters from the animated series come to life on the big stage at KeyBank State Theatre.

The children won’t be the only ones excited when the production scurries into Cleveland. Northeast Ohio and Kent State University graduate Kirstin Angelina Henry, a member of the cast, is thrilled to be coming back and performing in the theater complex that was near and dear to her while growing up in the area.

The actress stated that she has at least 30 family and friends coming out to see her in this production.

“I’m very, very excited to come to Cleveland. Specifically, to be able to perform at Playhouse Square,” she exclaimed.

As this is a new production, never before staged in Cleveland, even those familiar with the television program are in for a night of surprises! Kirstin was asked to describe the new production:

“‘PAW Patrol Live! Heroes Unite’ is an all-new adventure that follows Ryder and the PAW Patrol pups as they face their greatest challenge yet,” she describes. “Mayor Humdinger clones Robo Dog and chaos ensues all over the world. And, it’s up to the PAW Patrol to catch the clones, rescue Robo Dog, and then learn what it means to be a hero.”

PAW Patrol has been on the air for approximately a decade now. Families with children under 8 years of age are more often than not smitten with the show. However, with an oversaturated market of programming these days, it would be impossible for PAW Patrol to infiltrate every single household. Kirstin was asked if being unfamiliar with the TV show and its characters would make the experience confusing for an audience member:

“Absolutely not! The majority of our young fans are familiar with the TV series, but our specific show follows a unique and new storyline,” she answered. “You don’t have to be familiar with the TV show in order to enjoy the live performance.”

What characters will families be treated to if attending the upcoming performances?

“The show features everyone’s favorite PAW Patrol friends including Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Liberty, Tracker, Everest, and more,” Kirstin revealed.

Perhaps most exciting is that fan-favorite Robo Dog will have a Cleveland debut; guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of the youngsters. Another moment that patrons delight in: “I will say audiences do seem to love Liberty’s entrance. She is someone who everyone gets very excited to see,” Kirstin said.

As an outlet that primarily covers music and traditional concerts, CleveRock would be doing its readers a disservice by not asking Kirstin about the music in the show!

“There are some songs from the TV show, but a lot of it is all brand new music,” she reveals.

See, parents? It’s not too different from seeing your favorite band. One can hear the classic tunes as well as be treated to some new material.

For families that want to enhance their show experience and have a little extra money in the entertainment budget, there is a great post-show opportunity for fans to partake in:

“Our VIP package includes premium seating and then a photo op with some of the PAW Patrol Live characters following the show,” Kirstin describes.

Playhouse Square hosts hundreds, if not thousands of events per year in its multi-theater complex. The cost of attending shows often time rivals an arm, leg, or firstborn child! Not to call out any specific productions specifically, because the value of the show makes the price of admission worth it, but one of the exciting elements of PAW Patrol Live is that a family of four can attend a performance for less than the cost of ONE SEAT to some of the more expensive shows hosted by the venue. This is not lost on the producers and cast members.

“Because PAW Patrol Live tickets start at just $33.50, we get to expand the diversity of people who get to come and enjoy the show, which I think is extremely important,” Kirstin says. “Every kid should be able to see their heroes in front of them.”

And, as an actress, is there anymore more rewarding than watching a family bond and enjoy PAW Patrol Live together?

“No, there really is nothing better than hearing all of the kids erupt when they see their heroes on stage,” she said. “It’s really a wonderful experience.”

And, lastly, the question of why a family should invest the almighty entertainment budget into seeing the show…Take it away, Kirstin!

“In my opinion, Ryder and the PAW Patrol pups prove that young people and pups can accomplish big things through determination and teamwork. They use the model throughout the show. No jobs are too big; no pup is too small. And, that message really resonates with kids today. Each pup is very unique, just like each child is unique. And, our young audiences specifically, all identify with different pups for various reasons, which is incredibly important.”

PAW Patrol Live! Heroes Unite is in town for six shows from March 10 -12. Complete show and ticket information (including a link to purchase tickets) can be found on our events calendar: RIGHT HERE!

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