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Matt and Kim concert review | Cleveland, OH | The Agora | 10.17.2019

Electronic duo Matt and Kim, who hail from Brooklyn, New York brought the first show of their tour to Agora Theater in Cleveland on October 17, 2019. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album ‘Grand,’ the band was excited and energized as ever to take the stage.

With the celebration of ‘Grand’ came the responsibility for the duo to make it the best concert ever. Believe me, they performed a very, very unforgettable concert. The warning they posted on their website stating, “Don’t bring your kids if you are uncomfortable with them seeing mature content” was more than ever for this show.  Flashing of t*ts, sex toys, and blowup sex dolls were all part of the experience.

Photo: Emily Eade

The crowd roared in excitement as Matt and Kim ran out on stage to a recording of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. They started off this memorable concert by playing songs off of ‘Grand‘ in order. Starting with “Daylight,” the audience automatically began to sing and dance along. They continued on with the songs “Cutdown” and “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare.” 

With the excitement about the 10 year anniversary of ‘Grand’ Matt and Kim talked to the crowd. Matt brought up how his wife, Kim tore her ACL while performing during their last tour. Kim expressed her sadness of having to cancel previous shows, saying, “I want there to be moshing and crowd surfing and I’m probably going to show you my titties.” The duo radiated excitement about being back on the road. The audience was having the time of their lives.

They surged forward with “Spare Change” and “I Wanna.” Next they played “Lessons Learned” with well-projected strobe lights and confetti spewing from every direction.

Photo: Emily Eade

While playing “Don’t Slow Down,” Matt and Kim threw blowup sex dolls into the crowd. Kim also was drumming with sex toys and swinging them around. During this concert, Kim wanted to try something new by splitting the audience in half and one queue, both sides had to run at each other. They did exactly that and somehow, shockingly, it didn’t look like anyone got hurt in the process.

Although ‘Grand‘ is only a 28 minute long album, it took Matt and Kim over an hour and a half to play the whole album. They ended the show with their new singles “Money” and “GO GO” which was released that night.  

A high energy band like Matt and Kim needs a high energy opening act. San Diego based surf band Beach Goons are just that. Playing their hits “Reservoir Dawgs,” “Without U,” and more, they demonstrated why they were worthy of sharing the stage with modern legends. The band’s bassis joked about how there was no mosh pit going on and how “chill” the crowd was. The band’s drummer is a Cleveland native and expressed his excitement to play a hometown show. The band ended their performance with a cover of “La Bamba.”

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