OTD: Eight years ago….Scott Weiland’s last show at House of Blues Cleveland

Scott Weiland. Damn. He’s been gone from this earth for longer than five years. I can’t tell if it seems like that much has time has passed? Weiland last appeared at House of Blues Cleveland on this date in 2013. Even at that point, Scott was a shadow of the dominating frontman that he was in his prime. When he sang the lyrics, “I’m not half the man I used to be,” they rang all-too-true. Weiland started off the show in half-decent form, but by mid-set was slurring his between-song banter and seemed to have trouble standing.

He came back to smaller venues….Club Velvet in Northfield and the ballroom in the Agora…a further decline at each show.

It’s no secret that drugs and alcohol took their toll on Weiland. While sober, he made a triumphant return to form with Stone Temple Pilots, which kicked off with an Ohio show at Rock on the Range in Columbus in 2008. Relapse is a bitch. As Charles Barkley once said, “Drugs and alcohol are undefeated.”

Scott was a douche. A loveable douche. Let’s never forget that when on his A-game, he was an elite performer that was a joy to watch.

Rest easy, Scott.

Here are some photos of Weiland performing in Ohio over the years from CleveRock’s fearless photographer, T. Patrick Fenner.

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