Are you sick of getting to the bar at 4:00 PM to take advantage of cheap drinks? Sure, you can get a $2 draught and a $3 well drink but…well, there is no downside, I suppose? (With the exception of having to start drinking before the work day is officially over, the hassle of calling an Uber, the lack of potential romantic partners hanging out mid-afternoon, and barflies playing too much Journey on the jukebox!)

What if there was a happy hour that was FREE and saved you from all of the aforementioned woes? Enter George Chase Jr., singer/songwriter currently lighting it up with Cleveland-based alt-rock act The Sublets and his new project, Happy Hour Sessions.

“Join me to see what happens when a couple of musicians get into a room for a few hours, enjoy some drinks, talk about life, all while writing a song together. We’re pulling back the curtain on the songwriting process and the artists behind the music,” the Happy Hour Sessions’ founder explains in the introductions to the episodes.

This show helps to answer the most commonly asked question of musicians: “How do you write songs?” Happy Hour Sessions pulls back the curtain on the songwriting process and the artists behind the music in entertaining, insightful, and humorous 30-minute weekly episodes.

It is exactly as described. This is really damn cool, folks. The first season of Happy Hour Sessions features Cleveland staples including Ray Flannagan (Episode #7) and Chayla Hope (Episode #6).

Happy Hour Sessions Episode (featuring Rick Spitalsky)

Happy Hour Sessions provides a journey into the songwriting process while getting to know the artists themselves in a fun and laidback environment,” Chase says. Conversation, insight, and humor fill each episode, and a final song recording wraps the show. The diverse group of artists featured in the series include an up-and-coming pop star, a touring member of a national blues rock band, an American Idol finalist, and more. Original music created during the show represents a variety of genres, ranging from rock and country to ballads and love songs.

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