Rachel Carpenter stars in George Chase Jr.’s ‘Happy Hour Sessions’

We’ve reached double digits, folks! Episode 10 of ‘Happy Hour Sessions’ is out now! This episode has a unique twist! While host George Chase Jr. typically partners with some of the most established regional talents, this time, he welcomes non-musician Rachel Carpenter, who serves on the show’s production crew. (And, for the uninitiated, for a YouTube show without an inexplicably excessive budget, the quality of the camera work and editing is second to none!

Carpenter, whose musical experience is limited to singing in the car and picking up a ukelele when inspired by Twenty One Pilots (“because everyone did”), she is still able to tell a powerful story through her song on this ‘Happy Hour Sessions’ episode.

After the cards dictated that Chase and Carpenter would write a song inspired by Hozier’s “Take Me to Church,” the magic begins!

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